Big Bangles Theory – Press Release

A revolution in bangle bracelet jewelry sizing has begun. Started by entrepreneur Uma Lakshman, Big Bangles Theory puts an end to the one size fits all bangle bracelet that is common in the United States. Lakshman feels that every woman should know her bangle bracelet size so she can incorporate well fitting bangles that complement her fashion personality.

A Science

With Big Bangles Theory, being stuck with a bangle that is impossible to put on or that falls off of your hand is now over. Through a patent pending sizing algorithm and app, Women can find their true bangle sizing by measuring three areas and entering in the measurements to the algorithm app. If you do not want to measure, bangle sizing stacks are available in order to instantly find the best size that fits.

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An Art

Worn by South Asian women for thousands of years, bangles and the wearing of them are an art. Bangle jewelry is available for all different occasions and fashion looks and can complement the look of your outfit. The options are almost endless with bangle options in sixty colors with materials such as glass, wood, fabric, terracotta, stone, and tree resin.

A Kickstarter Campaign

To bring this company to its full potential, a Kickstarter Campaign has been started. This will enable Big Bangles Theory to expand their business and perfect the bangle algorithm, fully develop an interactive e-commerce site that will enable customers to create bangle stacks, and allow them to experiment with bangle designs and colors.The bangles have already attracted wide interest and have been featured in several gorgeous photo shoots with their vibrant colors and designs. Big Bangles Theory is the universe where art and science combine to give you a beautiful piece of bangle bracelet jewelry that really fits. Follow and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign for great benefits and to see this company develop to its full potential!

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